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Gateways School, Harewood, Leeds – Pyromusical Fireworks Extravaganza 2018

We were delighted to be invited back once again to the beautiful surroundings of Gateways School, located on the edge of Harewood House, Leeds, West Yorkshire – for the 2018 edition of their annual Fireworks Extravaganza. Each year, the school stages a fantastic bonfire and fireworks event for the the local community to enjoy. Ignite Pyrotechnics Ltd presented a spectacular 8-minute choreographed pyromusical fireworks display, set to an atmospheric soundtrack of choral music, opening with Vangelis – Conquest Of Paradise.

The school’s playing fields, as viewed from the elevated spectator viewing area, forms a stunning natural amphitheatre in which we presented an incredible performance of fireworks, choreographed with millisecond precision to the musical soundtrack. The display was fired by our industry-leading FireOne™ digital firing system. A complete variety of pyrotechnic effects, from bengals and ground illuminations and theatrical maroons, through to 30mm and 40mm single shot comets and mines, and various calibres of aerial star shells, were launched from five positions to produce a wide, amazing and truly immersive display of professional fireworks.

Our team, as always, went to painstaking lengths on site – with the distances between each launch position measured equally with a surveyor’s trundle wheel. All of the single-shot comet and mine products were individually hand-mounted and angled by our technicians on our Pirotechnia Europlá modular system. This meant we were able to angle many of the materials used in the display – to produce precise, varied and intricate patterns, to accentuate the fireworks with the music to wonderful effect.

Ignite Pyrotechnics Ltd also provided event sound, with one of our concert-grade PA audio systems – giving full coverage of the spectator area for the soundtrack accompanying the fireworks, and of course plenty of fantastic music beforehand to warm the crowd up.

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Firing System
FireOne™ UltraFire
Number of Firing Locations
5 sites
Gateways School, Harewood, Leeds